Tip Fire Emblem Heroes cheat – unlimited Orbs Generator

Learn how to start playing Fire Emblem Heroes with the best heroes. A simple trick that will allow you to begin the adventure in the best conditions. 

In Fire Emblem Heroes Hack, you must use orbs to summon heroes ( see Nintendo: Fire Emblem Heroes is available on iOS ). Unfortunately, these orbs cost money. Fortunately, a promotional launch operation allows you to get 27 orbs for free. By spending these orbs smartly, you can get the best characters from the beginning of the game. If you have already started playing, you can uninstall and reinstall the game to use this trick.


How to Start Fire Emblem Heroes with the Best Heroes

Remove your Fire Emblem Heroes account

Step 1: Start Fire Emblem Heroes

Step 2: Open the menu

Step 3: Open Account Manager

Step 4: Press the Delete All Data button

Step 5: Confirm

Step 6: Remove the Fire Emblem Heroes application from your phone

Reinstall Fire Emblem Heroes

Simply download Fire Emblem Heroes to the App Store and install it.

Play the tutorial

Above all, you must play all the tutorial fights to get the bonuses offered by Nintendo.

Link your My Nintendo account

After the tutorial, Free Fire Emblem Heroes Cheat tool you are invited to link your My Nintendo account to the game. Create an account, or log in with your existing account, to receive 10 free orbs.

Collect other orbs

Step 1: Press the Home button at the bottom left of the screen

Step 2: Press the owl icon at the top right of the screen

Step 3: Press the Accept All button

Start invoking heroes

Step 1: You should now have 27 orbs. Press the Invoke button.

Step 2: Press the arrow icon to select the Deep Devotion focus. This focus is more likely to produce 5-star heroes.

Step 3: Press the Invoke button.

Step 4: Press the Redeem button

Step 5: Press each invocation stone one at a time.

Step 6: After all the invocations, press the Close button.

If your heroes do not suit you, try again

If you are not satisfied with your heroes, you can start over. Return to the first step and repeat the operation as many times as necessary. If you get a 5-star hero, you may consider yourself lucky and start the adventure with this powerful character.