Available in just a few days in Canada (see our tutorial to download it before everyone else ), Brawl Stars is the new Supercell game. The studio you may not know, but you’ve probably already played one of his games.

He is indeed responsible for real hits both on iOS and Android, including Clash of Clans and Clash Royale.

We propose you a guide composed of 5 tricks in order to start the adventure, and quickly climb the rungs;

1 – Hiding from your opponents

In Brawl Stars, each area has several sets, and some allow to hide. Visualize the bushes on the ground, Brawl Stars Gems Hack and take your character up to now to hide from your opponents.

This trick to a double bonus effect: First, none of your enemies can see you, and so you can surprise them to better kill them, and most importantly, you can not shoot you or hit you. Note, however, that if you use your devastating attack (the one that recharges, and has a skull icon at the bottom of the screen), it will have the high grass.

2 – Moving faster

Playable only in portrait mode, Brawl Stars requires both fingers to be played: one will move your character, the second will aim to shoot. If you find that the basic configuration (Touch to move) is not practical enough to be fast in the arena, activate Joystick mode!

To do this, go to the settings (the small wheel in the top left of the Brawl tab), then select Joystick Move as control mode. If this mode requires a little training, it quickly turns out to be the most convenient way to beat your enemies.

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3 – Flying gems and stars, and resuming life

In most game modes, the goal is to recover the most gems or stars. To catch a lot of them, look at the battlefield, and visualize the player (s) with a number above the head. This number represents the number of gems or stars recovered. Kill those who have a high number in order to recover all their loot and win your team.

If you are out of life, there is a very simple way to recover quickly: the bushes. Hide a few moments and you will see your health bar go up quickly and then get back into the heart of the action.

4 – Play with friends, create groups

If fast parties – with bots or random people – are possible, Brawl Stars is much more interesting when you play with your friends (by searching through Facebook), or with your Band (in the game).

That’s why we strongly advise you to create one or join an existing one. That of IGN France is open to all - beginners as well as confirmed players. Once in the group, just win trophies to get into the rankings. To find it, go to the Social tab, then Find Band, and type IGN France in the search bar. You can then exchange between players via chat.

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5 – Easily win a game in Smash & Grab mode

The Smash & Grab mode is simple because it requires the highest number of gems once the game is over. To activate the final countdown, you must keep your team at 10 gems for 16 consecutive seconds.

There is a trick to get gems quickly and surprise your opponents: in the middle of the arena is a well irradiated with a purplish light. The latter regularly rejects gems. In addition to attacking the players with the most gems (see Tip 3), throw the gem rejected by the well as soon as it appears.

Finally, if you have many gems, hide as much as you can in the bushes until the end of the countdown. If you die, all of your gems will spread out on the ground, and your enemies will be able to recover them.