Soon they can be kicked again, in the new FIFA 18, which fans are already waiting for. Of course, there will be some new features that we can not deny you: what rumors are already circulating, what has already been learned and when the virtual lawn will be rolled out, you will find on this info page.

For many years now, it has been almost a tradition that a new Free FIFA 18 Coins Generator part comes out every year. And as in the past, FIFA 18 has already had a lot of speculation and questions about the possible content: Who will be allowed to decorate the cover this time? Which clubs are there? What is the story mode and in what stages can we kick this time? All of this we now go to the bottom.

Content, news, and plans for FIFA 18

FIFA 18 will be released as usual for all platforms, and EA will of course again offer its fans a lot. With all platforms, the new this time is the way Nintendo switch meant that now in addition to PS4, Xbox One, PC & Co. as a platform for FIFA is used. The basis for many game content should nevertheless according to CEO Andrew Wilson 17 previous FIFA be.

  • The story mode is supposed to be a continuation of The Journey, but in this case “ Season 2 ”. There will be new characters as well as a new story.
  • The EA Sports area is to be further expanded.
  • Tournaments are to be launched at a global level.
  • It is possible to implement weather fluctuations, FIFA 18 Coins hack which would lead to the player having to adjust his tactics. In heavy rain, the speed of the players would be more limited.
  • As an expansion, a FIFA Street mode is to be introduced.
  • World Cup match in 2018 will be an extra treat.
  • Another mode is called “ Spin the Wheel ”, but has not yet been described.
  • It is also possible that FIFA 18 is to be launched for Virtual Reality.
  • The dissatisfaction of the gamer with the audience in the stadiums should be yielded. In particular, the dynamic of the viewers is to be improved, which promises with the Frostbite Engine also quite an improvement.
  • The competitive gameplay is also to be improved. In this context, it will be much harder for cheaters too.

The following video Triche FIFA 18 with interesting information about FIFA 18 has been leaked, but it is still unclear whether it is real or just a really good fake:

Who adorns the cover at FIFA 18?

Numerous speculations are also on the agenda. The speech was from Dele Alli (Tottenham Hotspur / English national team), but also the name Paul Pogba (Manchester United / French national team) has already fallen. FIFA 18 Hack His face appeared in a leak.

But it is also possible that the FIFA community can take the decision about the cover itself and vote. Last year the online voting took place, with Marco Reus winning as the winner.

FIFA 18 without the Bundesliga?

For years, EA had the exclusive rights of the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga for its FIFA series. But this year the issue could turn, since the current licenses expire at the end of the season 2017/18 (August 2018).  For Claiming Free Coins in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team. Great interest shows, of course, competitor Konami, who would also like the Bundesliga for his football simulator PES. They currently have only the rights to Schalke 04 and Borussia Dortmund.

We have to wait until the end of June because until then the Bundesliga rights are very likely to be awarded by the DFL. The tenders run currently in any case.