Crib mattresses or for babies. It is not the same to buy a mattress for the delicate body of a baby as for an older child.

Mattresses for babies

It is not the same to buy the best crib in-organic mattress for the delicate body of a baby that for an older child, whose weight and height require different conditions of firmness. Sleeping is essential for the growth and development of the baby, spend 12 hours sleeping in the course of the first year of life. The dream is essential for the good health of the little ones. They need it to regain strength, to assimilate what they have learned during the day, but it also has a lot to do with the growth of children. During the sleep increases the secretion of growth hormone.

This happens in the Non-REM phase of sleep, that is, during the period of deep sleep when the anterior pituitary gland synthesizes the growth hormone GH (Growth Hormone), also known as the somatotropic hormone.

The peak of maximum release of the hormone occurs on average between one and two hours after the onset of sleep. There are investigations that place the period of highest activity of the hormone between midnight and 4 o’clock in the morning, in the deepest phase of the dream of the child. The hormone can also be released during the nap, in the non-Rem phase, although these are shorter.

It is advisable to establish a routine of regular sleep, ensure that they sleep the hours they need to be rested according to their age and provide a relaxing sleep environment. Make them sleep more hours than necessary does not work because everyone sleeps what they need, neither more nor less. Best Crib Organic Mattress While it is true that the growth hormone is released at peak levels during sleep, it also does so in a pulsatile manner (as if they were small jets), and in smaller quantity, in intervals of 3 to 5 hours throughout the day.

Of course, there are many other factors that influence the growth of children that are related to good nutrition, the practice of exercise on a regular basis and healthy lifestyle habits. In addition it is essential to choose a good crib mattress because babies are born with the spine in the form of C because of the dimensions of the womb. In addition, the natural posture that babies have in the form of a “frog” with their legs bent when lying horizontally does not favor the correct position of the spine.

Therefore the best crib mattress, has to maintain a firmness suitable to allow the correct development of the spine. But at the same time it has to have a comfort point so that it adapts well to the baby and favors that it is relaxed and comfortable. Thus we analyze the different types of mattresses:

Foam rubber: They are the worst quality, offer little support.

Springs: Presents a good firmness and breathability. When carrying the springs, aeration channels have created that favor their ventilation. A good spring mattress has to be reinforced with comfort plates.

-  Latex: This type of mattress is in disuse at children because they give off heat and can be allergic to this material.

-  Coconut fiber: Absorb moisture correctly but its use is decreasing because it is too rigid and its composition can harbor mites and bacteria.         

 Viscoelastic: A good option as long as it is breathable viscoelastic, and incorporate open pore with 3D mesh to maximize ventilation.

And finally, several tips: 

First, the mattress should be about 2 cm away with the bars of the crib, enough to put the sheets but avoiding danger to the baby. Second, take into account the measures, which are sold in Spain are 60×120 and for Mexicanas the measures of 70×140 and 80×130. If you buy another type of measure, you will not easily find bedding, pillows, etc. that fit. Mattresses are usually 2-3 cms less than the measures described above, precisely to leave large enough to reach in and do the bed comfortable, but not so large that it can cause a danger to the baby.

Another important tip is to recommend using waterproof and breathable cotton mattress covers or mattress pads that allow the air to pass through but the liquid does not. It is sold by different manufacturers in the sector and is ideal to keep it hygienic and avoid the accumulation of dust, urine or milk in the mattress.